ClassCLASSREFExam Session
B.P.Ed. III Semester167FEB-2021
Diploma in Journalism I Semester176FEB-2021
Certificate in Yoga Six Months (Jul-Dec)179FEB-2021
Certificate Course in The Art of Happiness182FEB-2021
Certificate Course in Sales Management183FEB-2021
B.P.Ed. I Semester193FEB-2021
B.Tech. CS & Engg. VII Semester307FEB-2021
B.Tech. Mech. Engg. VII Semester316FEB-2021
B.Tech. Electronics & Comm VII Semester326FEB-2021
B.Tech. Electrical Engg. VII Semester336FEB-2021
MCA I Semester401FEB-2021
BBA I Semester451FEB-2021
BBA III Semester453FEB-2021
BBA V Semester455FEB-2021
M.P.Ed I Semester460FEB-2021
M.P.Ed III Semester462FEB-2021
MBA I Semester501FEB-2021
MBA III Semester503FEB-2021
MBA (Business Economics) I Semester510FEB-2021
MBE III Semester512FEB-2021
MBF I Semester520FEB-2021
MBF III Semester522FEB-2021
M.A. Sanskrit I Semester601FEB-2021
M.A. Sanskrit III Semester603FEB-2021
M.A. Psychology I Semester620FEB-2021
M.A. Psychology III Semester622FEB-2021
M.A. JVK I Semester630FEB-2021
M.A. JVK III Semester632FEB-2021
M.A. Hindi Lit. I Semester650FEB-2021
M.A. Hindi Lit. III Semester652FEB-2021
M.A. Philosophy I Semester660FEB-2021
M.A. Vedic Lit. I Semester670FEB-2021
M.A. Vedic Lit. III Semester672FEB-2021
M.A. History I Semester680FEB-2021
M.A. History III Semester682FEB-2021
M.A. Yogic Science - I Semesterr685FEB-2021
M.A. Yog III Semester687FEB-2021
M.Sc. Physics I Semester705FEB-2021
M.Sc. Physics III Semester707FEB-2021
M.Sc. Chemistry I Semester709FEB-2021
M.Sc. Chemistry III Semester711FEB-2021
M.Sc. Environment Sc. I Semester717FEB-2021
M.Sc. Environment Sc. III Semeste719FEB-2021
M.Sc. Psychology I Semester721FEB-2021
M.Sc. Psychology III Semester723FEB-2021
M.Sc. Yog I Semester725FEB-2021
M.Sc. Yog III Semester727FEB-2021
BPES Bachelor of Phy. Edu. and Sports I Semester910FEB-2021
M.Sc. Environmental Technology III Semester982FEB-2021
Roll No.