ClassCLASSREFExam Session
B.A. Honours Physical Education VI Semester106MAY-2018
B.A. II Semester120MAY-2018
B.A. IV Semester122MAY-2018
B.A. VI Semester124MAY-2018
Vedalankar - B.A. Honours Ved II Semester136MAY-2018
Vedalankar - B.A. Honours Ved IV Semester138MAY-2018
Vedalankar - B.A. Honours Ved VI Semester140MAY-2018
Vidyalankar - B.A. Honours Sanskrit II Semester142MAY-2018
Vidyalankar - B.A. Honours Sanskrit IV Semester144MAY-2018
Vidyalankar - B.A. Honours Sanskrit VI Semester149MAY-2018
Vidyalankar - B.A. Honours Philosophy II Semester151MAY-2018
Vidyalankar - B.A. Honours Philosophy IV Semester153MAY-2018
Vidyalankar - B.A. Honours Philosophy VI Semester155MAY-2018
B.P.Ed. IV Semester168MAY-2018
Diploma in Journalism II Semester177MAY-2018
Certificate in Yoga Six Months (Jan-Jun)180MAY-2018
B.PHARMA II Semester186MAY-2018
B.PHARMA IV Semester188MAY-2018
B.PHARMA VI Semester190MAY-2018
B.P.Ed. II Semester194MAY-2018
B.Sc. Maths Group II Semester A1211MAY-2018
B.Sc. Maths IV Semester (A1) 213MAY-2018
B.Sc. Maths VI Semester (A1) 215MAY-2018
B.Sc. Maths Group II Semester A2217MAY-2018
B.Sc. IV Semester (A2)219MAY-2018
B.Sc. VI Semester (A2)221MAY-2018
B.Sc. Bio Group II Semester B1238MAY-2018
B.Sc. Bio IV Semester (B1) 240MAY-2018
B.Sc. Bio VI Semester (B1) 242MAY-2018
B.Sc. Bio Group II Semester B2244MAY-2018
B.Sc. Bio IV Semester (B2)246MAY-2018
B.Sc. Bio VI Semester (B2)248MAY-2018
B.Sc. Bio Group II Semester B3250MAY-2018
B.Sc. Bio IV Semester (B3)252MAY-2018
B.Sc. Bio VI Semester (B3)254MAY-2018
B.Tech. CS & Engg. II Semester302MAY-2018
B.Tech. CS & Engg. IV Semester304MAY-2018
B.Tech. CS & Engg. VI Semester306MAY-2018
B.Tech. Mech. Engg. II Semester311MAY-2018
B.Tech. Mech. Engg. IV Semester313MAY-2018
B.Tech. Mech. Engg. VI Semester315MAY-2018
B.Tech. Electronics & Comm II Semester321MAY-2018
B.Tech. Electronics & Comm IV Semester323MAY-2018
B.Tech. Electronics & Comm VI Semester325MAY-2018
B.Tech. Electrical Engg. II Semester331MAY-2018
B.Tech. Electrical Engg. IV Semester333MAY-2018
B.Tech. Electrical Engg. VI Semester335MAY-2018
MCA II Semester402MAY-2018
MCA II Semester402MAY-2018
MCA IV Semester404MAY-2018
Diploma in Yog II Semester412MAY-2018
BBA II Semester452MAY-2018
BBA IV Semester454MAY-2018
BBA VI Semester456MAY-2018
M.P.Ed II Semester461MAY-2018
MBA II Semester502MAY-2018
MBA IV Semester504MAY-2018
MBF II Semester521MAY-2018
MBF IV Semester523MAY-2018
M.A. Sanskrit II Semester602MAY-2018
M.A. Sanskrit IV Semester604MAY-2018
M.A. English II Semester611MAY-2018
M.A. English IV Semester613MAY-2018
M.A. Psychology II Semester621MAY-2018
M.A. Psychology IV Semester623MAY-2018
M.A. JVK II Semester631MAY-2018
M.A. JVK IV Semester633MAY-2018
M.A. Hindi Lit. II Semester651MAY-2018
M.A. Hindi Lit. IV Semester653MAY-2018
M.A. Philosophy II Semester661MAY-2018
M.A. Philosophy IV Semester663MAY-2018
M.A. Vedic Lit. II Semester671MAY-2018
M.A. Vedic Lit. IV Semester673MAY-2018
M.A. History II Semester681MAY-2018
M.A. History IV Semester683MAY-2018
M.A. Yog II Semester686MAY-2018
M.A. Yog IV Semester688MAY-2018
M.Sc. Maths II Semester702MAY-2018
M.Sc. Maths IV Semester704MAY-2018
M.Sc. Physics II Semester706MAY-2018
M.Sc. Physics IV Semester708MAY-2018
M.Sc. Chemistry II Semester710MAY-2018
M.Sc. Chemistry IV Semester712MAY-2018
M.Sc. Microbiology II Semester714MAY-2018
M.Sc. Microbiology IV Semester716MAY-2018
M.Sc. Environment Sc. II Semester718MAY-2018
M.Sc. Environment Sc. IV Semester720MAY-2018
M.Sc. Psychology II Semester722MAY-2018
M.Sc. Psychology IV Semester724MAY-2018
M.Sc. Yog II Semester726MAY-2018
M.Sc. Yog IV Semester728MAY-2018
B.Sc. (Honours) Biomedical Science II Semester902MAY-2018
B.Sc. (Honours) Biomedical Science IV Semester904MAY-2018
BPES Bachelor of Phy. Edu. and Sports II Semester911MAY-2018
BPES Bachelor of Phy. Edu. and Sports IV Sem914MAY-2018
Roll No.